Thursday, April 9, 2009


Let me try to decipher the meaning and symbols of the Dwarkamai and Baba's sojourn in shirdi. The king of trhe universe. He who has made this cosmos live in this dilapidated mosque. From where even the lizards ran away and took refuge. Thus implying that only roof is necessary to give us protection from the elements. Find one does not need a huge palatial building to live in. AS one enters the sanctum sanstrum one finds Baba sitting facing the south faced Guru symbolises the fact that a man of realisation has transcended time. Baba' s Asana [Seat] was a sack. In the sack the weave is very evident there is a horizontal weave. This symbolises man's life of hopes , aspirations, goals and greed for a thousand materialistic things.Baba sat in the north east corner , the direction of ISana. His left hand resting on the railing [Kathada] . HIs legs outstretched, showering. HIs blessings on the devotees. There are eight directions or quarters in this world. Each protected by a deity [dilpals]. Baba sat in the north east corner , the direction of ISana on vrishaba. This symbolises that individual goes a certain direction or follows a certain path that makes or mars his life, according to the vasanas. It is lord's Isana who guides the world.The floor of the Dwarkamai was clean and neat. It was washed daily. Then slurry of cowdung was applied. Baba had an akhandeep [ an ever burning lamp] which symbolises an inner light. Baba got up very early in the morning in Brahma Murth. When the devotees came they found him sitting in the Dhuni Maa[ Agni means leading towards evolution.]

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