Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Charity of Nine Rupees

Laksmi Bai Shinde and Bayaji were the only ones remaining. She was near Baba's feet Baba put his right hand in his shirt pocket teice, took out Rs.5 and Rs. 4 and gave them as charity to Lakshmi Bai. Baba explained the significance of these nine rupees as the nine qualities a devotee should have1) Absence of Egotism.2) Absence of Jealousy.3) Untiring Service.4) Absence of world desires.5) Complete faith in Guru6) Peaceful nature.7) Desire to Know the truth.8) Absence of Envy.9) Absence of Self -boosting and finding faults in otheres.Unless a devotee improved these nine qualities, he could not have true devotion to reach God. Thus Baba taught to Lakshmi Bai even in his last moments.

Evidence of Sai Baba

It was the year 1903. A person was charged theft of some articles, and brought to the court of the magistrate Dhulia. The acused told that Sai Baba had given those articles.Therefore, summons were issued to Sai Baba, by the magistrate to appear in the court to give evidence. On a suggestion from Nana Chandorkar, all the devotees prepared to appeal to the magistrate , stating that Sai Baba was a great divine personality and all of them regarded him as a God and it was not proper to ask such a Mahatma to appear in the court. In case the court felt that the evidence of Sai Baba was very essential, then it could send a commissioner to Shirdi to record the evidence of Sai Baba . The court accepted the plea of the devotees and sent Nana Joshi , who was the assistant collector and first class magistrate to Shirdi to record the evidence of Sai Baba. In Shirdi no one knew that Nana Joshi was coming.

But Baba Knew about this and made arrangements before Dwarkamai by arranging tables and chairs. Making it appear like a courtroom. From the questions put by the court commissioner and the answers given by Sai Baba, We glean some facts about Baba. The Questions and answers are as follows :

Commissioner : Your name ?

Sai Baba : All call me by the name of Sai Baba

Commissioner : Your father's name

Sai Baba : Your Guru's name

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sai Marg

Sai Marg Strange Are the ways of shirdi sai Baba in dragging his devotees not only to him but also to his trusted messengers who have dedicated themselves to the spread of Sai Tatwa or Sai philosophy all over the length and breadth of our sacred motherland.I have been a devotee a sai baba of shirdi for 5 years .While the late sri B.v Narasimha swamiji of madras was responsible for the spread of sai philosophy in the south .

Monday, April 20, 2009

My Feelings on Shirdi Sai Baba

I love our shirdi sai baba so much because very few Gurus are so humble as him.Listen to what shirdi sai says to his devotees " "Slave of slaves I am your debtor, I am satisfied at your darshan. It is a great favour that I saw your feet. I am an insect . I consider Myself blessed thereby". Is there a guru so humble and sweet who says , its not us but him who is waiting for our arrival into his fold and he is satisfied at our darshan . Thats how much sai loves a true devotee. Dear Shirdi Saibaba devotee, To avoid any misunderstanding its my responsibility to clarify that StarSai & its network of websites is made purely for inspiring everyone to grow personally, spiritually in Sai's beautiful path towards light. We do NOT expect gains of any kind from others.I consider it as my karma to work for sai and am happy to do it with the support of my parents , sister and few good hearted sai friends baba blessed me with

Saturday, April 18, 2009


My salutaions to the lotus feet of the samardha sadguru shri shirdi sai baba .Strangers are the ways of shirdi sai Baba in dragging his devoteed not only to him but also to his trusted messengers who have dedicated themselves to the spread of sai tatwa or Sai philosophy all over the length and breadth of our sacred motherland.sai Baba himself followed this principle of talking less. he nver gave long lectures but gave his devotess suitable experiences by narrating short stories

A day With Sai Baba

Sai Baba was about five fett six inches tall, neither stout noe lean. HIs complexion was golden yellow, his eyes bluish, which shone bright mysteriously in darkness. Indeed his eyes were the object of wonder of devotees. His nostrils were prominent. At the time when his nostrils were prominent. At the time when Sai Shardanandaji, who has given the description of Baba saw him Baba had some of his teeth missing and the rest were not pure white. He never brushed his teeth but only rinsed his mouth with alittle water every morning. He did not drink coffee or tea but did not ask his devotees to abstain from them. He never told anyone how he got into the habbit of smoking a pipe. He always used the same clay pipe although devotees offered him many pipes which he did not used but stocked them in a hollow of the masjid wall.
The piece of cloth tied round his head was very rarely changed and never washed. When He decided to change his Kufni he sent for the tailor and saifd :'' Get me a Kufni ". When it was given to HIm he always paid the tailor more than its worth. Left to himself Baba spoke Very little mostly he was calm and quiet speaking only when absolutely necessary. He never laughed loudly but smile quitely. Most of the time he sat with his eyes closed. When a devotee approached him for darshan he glanced at him. Sometimes He did mot even do that. He was always playful in the presence of children. He never sat leaning against the wall in the mosque. even when he sat with his legs outstretched he always sat a few feet ways from the wall. He did not lie down during the day. He seldom visited any temple in Shirdi.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Samartha Sat Guru

A guru, as we have seen , is one who teaches something,secular or religious . One who teaches about God or sat is called sat Guru. He who uses all his siddhis and superior powers to carry the disciple right up to the goal is called Samartha sat Guru. Baba belongs to this type of guru . Parama guru is a samartha sat guru who looks after the entire welfare (secular and spiritual ) of his disciple . The scriptures clearly say that without a guru Brahmajana and Moksha cannot be attained . It is not always true that Sishyas (disciples) go out to find the guru .The reversae is often true . Baba himself drew hundreds of thousands to himself inwardly and unnoticed by them. He said: "No one comes to me except by my drawing them. I draw people to me under various pretexts such as the worldly objects they want . When a boy ties a bird with one end of a string can the bird refuse to come?" This drawing of people to himself Baba ascribed to rinanubhanda ( personal ties and obligations). One disciple called it the "irrestible pull of destiny".